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Rides & Social Events



who knows a good spot to eat here?

Come forward and lead us then.

Depart 10am from Inveresk Carpark near the museum.

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About our Rides


We have rides for Ulysses Club Members and their partners most Sundays and Wednesdays. We also have monthly dinner meetings, regular social nights and weekends away, which are all listed on our Rides and Social Events tab on this website. See meeting places and times in each ride or event note.

Any rider is welcome to attend our gatherings. After sampling some rides and social gatherings, we hope you like what you see, so we ask you to join this great national club where as a Member you can continue these activities with us and enjoy the friendships you will make.

We ask for a gold coin donation (voluntary) to come on a ride with us. As we are a self-funded Branch, we use collected ride moneys to fund the very few expenses we have annually. I.E. the rescue trailer registration and our Post Office Box etc.. The balance is usually donated to the Club's charity - UCARF (the Ulysses Club Arthritis Research Fund).

All riders are encouraged to ride safely and at your own pace, as we will wait at regular intervals for everyone to regroup.

Please start all rides with a full petrol tank and an empty bladder.



The corner marking system we use on rides is in place to keep everyone going the right way and not getting lost, as has happened in the past. So, it should be adhered to as much as possible.

Our rides are led by the dedicated Ride Leader.

Before the ride, the Ride Leader will gather everyone and explain where he is taking us on the day. He will tell where he has planned for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, as well as any other planned stops. He will also advise of any expected road conditions, explain the cornering marking system and ask for a volunteer Tail End Charlie.

The Tail End Charlie will stay at the rear of the line all day and makes sure all riders are ok.

As the ride progresses and the Ride Leader approaches a corner where a change of direction is required, he will point to where the following rider is to stop and mark the corner. This rider, the Corner Marker, then indicates which way the following riders are to go. All other riders keep following the Ride Leader who will in turn point to where the following riders are to act as Corner Markers. The Corner Marker stays there until the Tail End Charlie approaches, who will signal him to ride on, re-joining the ride. It is very important to wait for the Tail End Charlie to come along. If he does not arrive, it means something has gone wrong behind you and if you move on, no one behind you will know which way to go at the corner you are marking.

If any rider wishes to leave the group and return home early, they should let the Tail End Charlie know so he is not looking out for you.


If you would like to organise a ride, ring our Ride Co-ordinator, John Frearson 0408 031 117 or for Dual Sport Rides, Les Reid  03 6391 8041

If you would like to lead one of the rides we already have in place, ring Mike 0408 263 880, and you will be named on the website, as the Ride Leader for your chosen ride.


All our committee contact details are on the 'Contact Us' page of this website.

A link to our Facebook page can also be found there.


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