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To pick up a Ulysses Club member’s bike in the unfortunate case of their bike breaking down or crashing.
If you need your bike picked up, ring one of the contacts.
If they can’t come and get you, they will find someone who will.
The only cost to members is the price of fuel for the rescuer.



To be available for Ulysses Club member’s own use, free of charge if they tow it themselves.
To pick up and/or move their bike or whatever.
The only restriction is it must be available for its primary function on the day of any designated branch ride. i.e. Sundays, some Saturdays and nearly mid week or mid week rides.

There is now a borrowers register placed in the trailer’s storage shed that MUST be filled in by all users before leaving, and again when returning the trailer, to comply with legal requirements.


  • John Frearson                         0408 031 117

  • Guy McKibben                         0407 669 904

  • Peter Davis                              0408 554 649

  • Edwin Chugg   6344 7982       0407 879 440                          

Approximate internal dimensions of the trailer are 2720mm long x 1520mm wide.

The trailer has a 7 pin flat plug for the lights
If the towing vehicle has another type please bring your own adaptor.

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