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The Tamar Tourers Branch is based out of Launceston.

The city of Launceston was established in 1806, is rich in history, architecture and is an easy ride to many great locations.
Whichever direction you take, only a short ride will see you going through valleys, mountains and the occasional straight road. Visiting many small towns on your way to pristine beaches, rugged mountains and rain forests all within easy riding distance.
It is possible to ride hundreds of kilometres here, and not see a straight road.
We welcome all motorcycle riders to join us for one of our rides, have a coffee & chat or drop in on our social events for dinner.

Recovery Trailer

The Primary function of the trailer is to pick up a Ulysses Club member’s bike in the unfortunate case of their breaking down or crashing.
If you need your bike picked up, ring one of the contacts. If they can’t come and get you, they will find someone who will.
The only cost to members is the price of fuel for the rescuer.

  • John Frearson 0408 031 117
  • Guy McKibben 0407 669 904
  • Peter Davis 0408 554 649
  • Edwin Chugg 6344 7982 0407 879 440

Approximate internal dimensions of the trailer are
2720mm long x 1520mm wide.


Ride Calender
18 Aug, 2019:Ross pub for some nice hot soup for lunch.
21 Aug, 2019:Mid week Ride
It is impossible to lick your elbow.
25 Aug, 2019:Deloraine via the back roads. There and back again.
Who wants to lead todays ride? Ring Mike 0408 263 880
25 Aug, 2019:Off road ride today.
A prayer first.
28 Aug, 2019:Wednesday-mid-week-ride. Because it's on today.
Did I hear you correctly?
1 Sep, 2019:Father's Day ride to the Great Lake Pub.
It's HIS day out today.
4 Sep, 2019:Mid week ride
Where to today? Do YOU know?
8 Sep, 2019:National Memorial Day Ride
A state wide event.
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